D3O T5 X Knee Protector (Level 2)


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 D3O® T5 Evo X knee protector utilizes the latest material innovation from D3O® which offers increased durability.


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Product Features:
  • Manufactured in a highly durable material
  • CE certified to EN1621-1:2012
  • Level 1 in ambient, wet and cold conditions
  • Area A coverage
  • Temperature stable

About D3O

When it comes to shock absorption and impact, nothing protects better than D3O®. Their rate-sensitive materials are used in market-leading products from some of the biggest global brands. An expert team of chemists and engineers combine advanced polymer chemistry with cutting edge design to produce soft and flexible materials with no compromise on comfort, but strong enough to protect you in the harshest of environments. D3O® absorbs and dissipates the energy from impacts, reducing the amount of force that gets transmitted to your body compared to standard foams. Each one of their broad range of D3O® technologies is tailored to solve a specific problem or need in sport, motorcycle, electronics, defense and industrial workwear.

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Dimensions16 × 25 × 12 cm

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