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Raleri Fogstop Photochromatic


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  • Clear in normal condition, light green when exposed to Sun / UV rays
  • Stick-on type – Sticks on visor inner using high quality glue
  • Can be used during day as well as night
  • 100% optically correct film with no visual distortion
  • Fits on most of the helmets with or without pins (check size before ordering)
  • Antifog + Photochromatic (Sun Protection)
  • Dimensions – 27 x 8 cms

* Not recommended for riders with spectacles or lens.

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Raleri Fogstop Photochromatic is an innovative helmet antifog insert made in Italy. It does not require any pins for mounting & can be used during day as well as night without any optical distortion. Raleri Anti-fog insert can used safely on almost all helmet visors with or without pinlock pins. Raleri Fogstop Photochromatic insert sticks using a special adhesive sealant which ensures that no dust enters between the insert and the visor.

Benefits of Raleri Fogstop Photochromatic:

  • Raleri inserts are economical as compared to Pinlock inserts & also lasts longer than them
  • Raleri inserts don’t need pins for mounting.
  • Raleri users special adhesive sealing system which stays longer than other stick-on type antifog inserts
  • Raleri’s sealing system prevents any dust or dirt going in between the visor and the insert
  • Photochromatic insert turns light green when exposed to sunlight. Activates in about 4 secs.
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2. Made in Italy

This product is made in Italy with highest quality standards and will last longer than most of the helmet antifog inserts available in the market including Pinlock.

3. Warranty & Exchanges

This product does not qualify for any warranty or exchanges due to the nature of the product. Please consult our team for any queries or doubts.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 8 × 1 cm

Raleri, Italy

Generic Name / Net Qty.

Helmet Antifog / 1 nos.


Photochromatic Antifog Insert – 1 nos.


Prices mentioned are inclusive of all taxes, as applicable.

Fits on

Raleri Fogstop inserts will fit on almost all helmets with or without pinlock pins. Below are the list of helmets that we have installed the Raleri insert:

  • Arai – all models (only Arai insert)
  • Bell – MX9, Bell Qualifier
  • Axis Wolf DS
  • Airoh – Commander, Valor
  • Scorpion – EXO series
  • HJC – RPHA11
  • AGV – K1 & K3, Sports Modular
  • Schuberth – C4
  • RE – Escapade
  • MT – all new and old models (Hummer, Thunder3, Thunder4, Blade, Revenge)
  • KYT – TT Course & NFR series
  • LS2 – FF800 Storm series, FF320 Scape & Stream Series, MX436 Pioneer Evo, FF902Scope, FF324 Metro Evo, FF327 Challenger, FF805 Thunder Plus, MX701 Explorer
  • Axor – Rage, Rage Carbon series
  • SMK – Titan series
    NHK – GPR Tech
  • Fly Racing – Revolt
  • Studds- Thunder


Raleri Fogstop Installation Procedure:

  • Carefully remove the visor from helmet and neatly clean the inside of the helmet.
  • Remove the white tape on one side of the Raleri insert.
  • Widen the visor slightly (to make it flatter) and gently stick the insert from one side of the visor. Let the visor come back to its original shape. Do not press the insert.
  • Check if the insert is properly aligned vertically and horizontally. If not you can remove and start again.
  • Once successfully installed, run your finger all along the adhesive to ensure there are no air bubbles and the insert is sealed from all sides.
  • Remove the protective plastic cover and install the visor on the helmet.


What is Raleri Antifog?
Its a spray type foam cleaner used to clean helmet and its inner liners. It removes all the unpleasant smell.

Is Raleri Fogstop better than Helmet Antifog sprays?
Raleri Fogstop is stick-on type insert which makes keeps the visor free of fog. Antifog sprays do the same but will last for a very short time (one ride max) whereas Raleri Fogstop can last around 8 – 14 months easily depending on the usage.

I using Pinlock in my MT helmet. It works but the dust keeps going inside the pinlock and it scratches the visor. Can I use Raleri Fogstop?
Raleri Fogstop is stick-on type insert which seals the insert from all sides. If installed properly, no dirt or dust can go inside the insert.

How is Raleri different than those available on Amazon which are at much cheaper price?
Raleri Fogstop uses films of high quality and no optical distortion. Also the sealing glue used is a special proprietary Raleri design and lasts longer than other antifog inserts in market.

I am using Fogtech wipes. Is this a better solution?
Raleri Fogstop is stick-on type insert which makes keeps the visor free of fog. Antifog wipes do the same but will last for a very short time (one ride max) whereas Raleri Fogstop can last around 8 – 14 months easily.

Will the Raleri Photochromatic insert go dark in sunlight?
Raleri Fogstop Photochromatic inserts turns to light green (not dark) depending on the strength of the UV light / sun rays. The transition happens fast and the rider wearing the helmet with photochromatic insert will not notice the change while riding.


Raleri started in Bologna, Italy in 2008 and has been manufacturing high quality Fogstop helmet antifog inserts. Raleri antifog inserts use special sealing glue which is its own proprietary technology. Raleri also manufacturers antifog inserts for reputed helmet brands globally.

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