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The SPIDER ST1 is Sena’s first motorcycle communication headsets operating exclusively on the groundbreaking Mesh intercom platform, at an impressive price. Sena’s premium Mesh technology, as first seen in the flagship 50S and 50R headsets, streamlines rider-to-rider communication and now delivers that same robust reliability for all SPIDER ST1 users. The SPIDER ST1 is value-packed with leading features.

  • Bluetooth 5.2 for best phone connectivity
  • Premium HD speakers for GREAT audio experience
  • Mesh Intercom Technology
  • Noise Cancellation: Advanced Noise Control
  • Effective range of 2 km that can extended up to 8 km between a minimum of 6 riders
  • Open Mesh Intercom: virtually limitless
  • Group Mesh Intercom: 24 riders
  • Battery life of 11 hours
  • Fast Charge: 20 minutes of charging equals 2 hours of Mesh intercom
  • Total charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Versatile jog dial & FM Radio
  • Backed by Sena
  • 2 years warranty

The Sena Spider ST1 features two different Sena Mesh Intercom™ modes: Group Mesh Intercom and Multi-Channel Open Mesh Intercom. When using Group Mesh, users create a private group that supports up to 24 riders over a range of up to 5 miles / 8 km (min 6 riders @ 1 mi / 1.6 km intervals). Users are invited into Group Mesh, for added control and privacy.
Multi-Channel Open Mesh lets riders communicate with virtually any number of participants in the Mesh network within a range of up to 5 miles / 8 km. Open Mesh also features multi-channel options, with an impressive nine channels available. You can switch between channel frequencies for conversations with different riding groups within the larger Open Mesh group.

The SPIDER ST1 features fast charging in just 20 minutes, which will provide 2 hours of talk time. The SPIDER ST1 is compatible with all Sena Mesh-equipped devices including the SPIDER RT1, 50S, 50R, 30K, Momentum EVO, and any Sena Bluetooth device that is connected to the +Mesh Adapter.SPIDER ST1 is an affordable mesh-equipped headset with a glove-friendly jog-dial control, by Sena.

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