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Raleri Arai clear insert is specially made to suit visors of all ARAI helmets & converts it in to an anti-fog visor.

  • Anti-fog with clear view
  • Suitable only for ARAI helmets (has got cut for ARAI brow vents)
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% optically correct with no visual distortion
  • High quality special sealing gasket
  • Fits almost all helmets without pins

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In stock

Raleri Fogstop Installation Procedure:
  1. Download the template, print it at 100% scale and cut according to the size.
  2. Tape the paper template on outside of visor using cello-tape. Align it properly so that its in the center (vertically as well as horizontally)
  3. Remove the visor from helmet and neatly clean the inside of the helmet
  4. Remove the white tape on one side of the Raleri insert.
  5. Using the paper template as a marker, gently stick the insert from one side of the visor. Do not press the insert to much
  6. Check if the insert is properly aligned. If not you can remove and start again.
  7. Once properly installed, run your finger all along the glue to ensure there are no air bubbles and the insert is sealed from all sides.
  8. Remove the protective plastic cover and install the visor on the helmet.


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