Raincoat for Helmet Visors


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Raincoat is the ultimate hydrophobic coating for all plastic helmet visors, googles & glasses. It is very quick to apply and dries instantly, even in humid conditions. It leaves a transparent coating on your plastic optics that sheds water. One wipe can be used for multiple items.

  • For outer surfaces
  • Provides hydrophobic coating
  • Works on all plastics (does not work on glass)
  • Easy to apply & long lasting
  • Comes in easy carry pouch (fits in pocket)
  • Each box contains set of 3 sachets.
  • Brand – Motosolutions USA

In stock

Rain Coat For Helmet Visors, Windscreens & Plastics – Motosolutions
New Raincoat® Pro is the ultimate hydrophobic coating for your plastic optics. Raincoat® Pro is very quick to apply and dries instantly, even in humid conditions. It leaves a transparent coating on your plastic optics that sheds water like a brand new Teflon® pan. Kit comes with a 3 ml pouches. One packet will coat up to 6 pairs of glasses or 3-5 helmet visors. You will see better and your optics will stay cleaner for weeks.
Water on plastic lenses, shields or windows can destroy your vision. Those drops distort what you see and at night they cause distracting reflections. This distortion can be deadly when riding a motorcycle in the rain. Water also causes safety problems at work when the employee\’s job requires good vision.

Also, water on your lenses attracts dirt and salts that build up as the water evaporates. This debris reduces your vision still further. During cleaning, this dirt will cause those micro scratches that shorten the life of your expensive plastic eyewear, lenses shields or windows.


Look closely at the picture of the motorcycle helmet. Only the right side of the face shield has been treated with Raincoat®. Then water was sprayed on the entire shield along with some wind. The vision on the right side is almost perfect. On the left, drops obscure the rider\’s vision.

Easy to apply and long lasting, Raincoat® has a special wax blend that is suspended in a volatile oil.  These waxes are hydrophobic, that is, they ‘hate’ water. They repel water by beading up the drops.  Because those beads of water have less contact with your plastic optics, the larger ones run off with gravity or the wind.  The remaining water will appear as smaller and more rounded droplets rather than a smear that distorts your vision.  By repelling the water, the trapped dirt and salts stay off your lenses or shields. So you will not need to clean them as often. Also, it has been reported that ice and snow find it difficult to stick to plastic surfaces coated with Raincoat® Advanced Water Repellent Coating.

APPLICATIONS–PLASTIC ONLY (Raincoat® does not work on glass)

Airplane Windows, Safety Goggles, Glasses, Sunglasses, Hazmat Suits, Firefighter Visors, SCBA, Helmet Face shields, Windshields, Football Eye guards, Outdoor Security Camera Domes, Equipment Viewing Windows (Machine Tools, Food Processing, Paper Mills, Water Washing or Blasting), Parking Meter Domes or Windows, Boat Windows and Isinglass, Jet Canopies, Helicopter Windows, Recumbent Bike Enclosures, Hockey Masks and Eye Guards, Basketball Goggles

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