Operational from 2019, Gear & Throttle House has been bringing the best of motorcycle riding gear, that is well celebrated around the world, all at one place and to your doorstep. Tried and tested by professional motorcyclists, these best-in-class wearables are chosen by our experts specifically for India. Our mission is to provide world-class, high-performance & comfortable riding gear, all at an affordable price.

We are exclusive importers, distributors and retailers of Premium European Motorcycle Riding Gear.  Currently we are exclusive importers & distributors for Shima Riding Gear from Poland, Racer Gloves from France, Raleri Antifog Helmet Inserts from Italy and Zandona protectors from Italy.

You can buy our products at our physical store in Pune or online at www.gthouse.shop. Our products are also available at Riding Gear Stores in select cities.

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