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Kriega Fork Seal Covers


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  • Universal fork seal protectors
  • DIY fit and easy to clean
  • No need to dismantle fork assembly
  • Made of Neoskin – coated Neoprene
  • Kriega reflective branding
  • Fits almost all motorcycle forks

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Kriega Fork Seal Covers are very easy to fit. They increase the life of fork oil seal and fork pipe by protecting them from mud / dirt. Fork Seal protectors are made of Neoskin (Coated Neoprene) and fixed by Velcro / cable ties. You don’t need to dismantle fork assembly for installing these fork seal protectors. They are designed in such a way that there is no any overlapping of fabric which result in cleaning whole fork pipe in every travel of fork.

Kriega Fork Seal Covers cover effectively stops dirt and mud entering the seal. The fabric is also water resistant so water cannot pass through it and it is stretchable which allows it to maintain elastic tension on fork pipe. If you ride any type of event that involves mud, sand or bad weather then investing in a set of these is a smart move!

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Kriega, Vietnam

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Motorcycle Accessories / 1 pair


Kriega Fork Seal Covers – 1 pair / 2 nos.
Cable Zip Ties – 2 nos.


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What are Fork Seal Covers?
Fork seal covers or Fork protectors are used to protect the fork tube of a motorcycle telescopic fork above the slider, it is used to protect against various dirt and pebbles that could create an issue.

What are the advantages of using Fork Seal Covers?
Fork Seal Covers keep fork seals clean and safe from all the dust, dirt, mud which may damage the fork seals and result in an oil leakage. Fork Seal Covers are specifically useful for USD forks.

Are they compatible with all motorcycle forks?
Kriega fork seal covers are universal fit and adjustable as per the fork diameter. It will fit almost all bikes.

How to install Kriega fork seal covers?
Kriega fork seal covers are easy to fit and can be installed without any tools or going to a garage. Just wrap them around the fork covering the fork seal adequately and use the zip ties to secure the covers.


Kriega was born in 2000 with a goal to build a reputation for creating the highest quality and best designed products on the market, offering unrivalled standards of functionality and craftsmanship. Kriega was the first to offer universal-fit waterproof packs that can be used individually or hooked together in various combinations to form a modular luggage system.

Kriega products are constructed from some of the most technical fabrics available today. The whole Kriega range is built to perform without exception. As a commitment to quality all Kriega products are guaranteed for 10 years against defects in materials and manufacture.

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