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EasyRide Windscreen Extender Himalayan411


  • Windscreen Extender for Himalayan 411 BS6 model
  • Height adjustable
  • Comes along with mounting clamps, screws & Allen keys
  • Secure & vibration free mount
  • Fit on stock wind screen




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EasyRide Windscreen Extender Himalayan411 from ProSpec makes highway riding easy. It is a simple device that creates an air-bubble while riding which results in a quiet and stress-free commute. It has a profile specifically made for the short adventure windscreens of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 BS6. The EasyRide Windscreen Extender Himalayan411 shields the rider against the high velocity air stream by using the lip extender principle. Its height adjustable to suit rider’s requirement.
Extender to be cleaned using water, neutral soap and sponge or microfiber cloth. Never wipe using dry cloth or use solvent as they may scratch or damage the surface texture permanently.

Please follow the instruction carefully to ensure the desired benefit of the Base Mount.

  • Remove the two Lock Screws (7) from the clip-on set.
  • Place the screen with the front clamp over the slot provided in the height adjustment Slider (2). Tighten the front clamp along with the slider with the help of the Lock Screws (7) as shown in figure “b”.
  • Loosen the CSK Allen Head Screws (6) using the Allen key provided and position the extender symmetrically and tighten it back.
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Pro-Spec Performance Parts, Bangalore, Karnataka.

Generic Name / Net Qty.

Motorcycle Accessory / 1 nos.


Prospec EasyRide Windscreen Extender – 1 nos.
Height Adjustment Slider (set) – 1 nos.
Clip on Mount (set) – 1 nos.
Front Clamp (set) – 1 nos.
CSK Allen Head Screw M4 x 16 – 4 nos.
CSK Allen Head Screw M4 X 12 – 2 nos.
Height Adjusting Lock Screws (set) – 1 nos.
2.5mm Allen Key – 1 nos.


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