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Maddog Alpha Auxiliary light filters


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  • Tint Color : Yellow, Black and Clear
  • Light Compatibility : Alpha

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This Maddog Aux filter comes with Nitrile Silicone Rubber Holders and three tinted colours.


  • Yellow tint to help you with visibility in rain and fog
  • Black tint to help you travel inside the city without traffic violation
  • Clear tint to help you keep your lights new
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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

Maddog Industries, Bangalore.

Generic Name / Net Qty.

LED Aux Light / 1 pair


Maddog Nitrile Silicone Rubber – 4 nos
Yellow tinted acyrilic – 1 pair / 2 nos
Black tinted acyrilic – 1 pair / 2 nos
Clear tinted acyrilic – 1 pair / 2 nos


Prices mentioned are inclusive of all taxes, as applicable.


Will installing the Maddog Filter void the warranty on my bike?
The Maddog lights and accessories when installed along with Maddog Wiring Harness, does not disturb the stock motorcycle wiring. The original wiring is not cut anywhere and the Maddog wiring is completely independent of that.

Does it come with the wiring also?
You need to buy wiring harness separately. It is advisable to go for Maddog Wiring Harness Pro along with Maddog Lights as they come with matching waterproof plug connectors. This ensures no cutting of wires anywhere.

What all should I buy along with the Maddog light for complete installation?
It is recommended to buy Maddog Wiring Harness + Maddog Switch along with the Maddog Aux lights for complete installation. You will also need mounts for lights depending on your bike.

What if there is a short circuit after installation? Is it waterproof?
The Maddog lights are completely waterproof. You choose the Maddog Wiring Harness Pro & Switch Pro, both of which are waterproof too. The plug connectors come with O-rings to ensure no water enters through them. The overall design ensures that there will be no short circuit due in the system.


Maddog Industries was started with a distinct vision to provide end to end solutions in automotive lighting and to manufacture the best quality and affordable Auxiliary lights (commonly referred as fog light / fog lamp) for the riding enthusiastic community. They make full range of LED lights, switches, wiring harness & mounts for various motorcycles.

Maddog lights are designed , developed and manufactured in India.

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