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Tribocor Chain Lube Dry TC212


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  • PTFE/Teflon based dry chain lube
  • Excellent rust & corrosion protection
  • High thermal stability
  • Deeply penetrates & lubricates non accessible areas
  • Safe on all chains including O, X and Z-rings

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The Tribocor TC 212 is based on unique combination of PTFE & solid lubricants; extreme pressure & anti wear additives. This dry and well-adhering product penetrates deep inside the chain. It leaves a clear and non-sticky protective layer meaning that dirt and salt cannot stick to the chain.

Usage Guide:

  • Clean the chain thoroughly preferably by using Tribocor chain cleaner
  • Shake the can well and spray just enough to cover the chain
  • Wait for some time to dry
  • Repeat the process to cover it completely
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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

Tribocor Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mysore

Generic Name / Net Qty.

Lubrication Preparations / 500 ml


Chain Lube TC212 – 1 nos.


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Is dry chain lube better than other chain lubes?
Dry lube is a lighter lubricant and less prone to attracting dirt, so it’s better suited to riding in fair conditions. The downside of a dry lube is that it is less durable, sometimes losing its lubricating property fairly quickly.

How long will Tribocor Chain Lube dry will last?
Depending on the condition, it may last anywhere from 250-400 kms or even more in certain cases. If riding in wet or muddy or dusty conditions, re-lube after each ride.

How often should I relubricate the bike chain?
If you are a regular bike commuter you should lube your bike chain at least every month or every 250-350 kms whichever comes first. Depending on the conditions you ride your bike in and the type of chain lube you use, this period can vary.

Is it cheaper to use gear oil or engine oil to lube the chain?
Yes you can use it but its not a good idea to use engine oil for motorcycle chain as it will pickup dirt, not provide enough lubrication & will require frequent lubing. Oils will cause more harm than good in terms of performance and will be actually more expensive than the chain lubes. Also used engine oil is a big no-no for lubricating chains as they are contaminated by metal particles from engine & will cause fast wearing out of the chain.


TriboCor is a leading manufacturer of High quality Specialty Lubricants, Maintenance and Corrosion protection products. They have been supplying lubrication products for industrial machines & chains for many years now and the same expertise is transferred for motorcycles chain lubrication. Tribocor chain sprays are highly cost effective for motorcycle maintenance. Tribocor bike chain lubes are on par with international brands & offer long lasting performance for motorcycle riders.

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