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Universal Heat Shield


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  • Protects luggage from touching the hot exhaust pipes
  • Made of high strength stainless steel – corrosion resistant
  • Universal fit – fits on almost all exhaust pipes
  • Adjustable jubilee clamps secure the shield in place
  • Comes along with fibreglass exhaust tape – if needed
  • DIY installation

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The Universal Heat Shield from Dirtsack protects your motorcycle luggage (saddle bags / rackless bags ) from touching the hot exhaust pipes. The shield creates a physical barrier between the bag and the exhaust pipe thereby preventing it from burning. The shield is made of high strength 316 stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant and durable. It is precision laser cut and polished for good aesthetics.

The Universal Heat Shield comes along with 2 jubilee clamps which secures it on the exhaust pipes. The heat shield can be mounted at any convenient place on the exhaust where the bag would normally touch the exhaust. It generally fits all types and sizes of exhaust. Additionally, there is a fiberglass exhaust tape provided which can be used to further cover up any exhaust parts from touching the bag. The product is easy to install and can be done easily at home.

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3. Warranty & Exchanges

This product comes with 2 years manufacturing warranty as per Dirtsack’s warranty policy. No exchanges or returns applicable.

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The Road Company, Thane

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Motorcycle Accessory – 1 nos.


1 x Dirtsack Universal Heat Shield
2 x Jubilee clamps
1 x Exhaust tape


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When should we use this Universal Heat Shield?
You can use the Universal heat shield to prevent your saddle bags touching the exhaust pipe. The heat shield protects the bag and prevents it from burning due to high temperature.

Where should we mount the Universal Heat Shield?
It should be mounted on the exhaust at the area where your bags/motorcycle luggage is touching the exhaust. It can be tightened using the clamps provided.

Is this Heat Shield to be used only for Dirtsack Saddle Bags?
This is a universal heat shield and can be used for any brand of motorcycle luggage.


Dirtsack makes handcrafted waterproof motorcycle luggage systems made by using best in class engineered materials. Dirtsack is 100% Made in India & is the leading brand for motorcycle saddle bags, tank bags, tail bags, universal motorcycle touring bags, utility bags & much more.

Dirtsack Bags come with an industry leading 2 years warranty.

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